Brico Fund builds the collective capacity of people and organizations to actively and sustainably improve the civic, cultural, and natural environments. Brico Fund seeks a Wisconsin in which the full citizenry is engaged and involved in their communities, strengthening the human and natural environments for future generations.

After a period of reflection in 2018, Brico Fund has recommitted to its work in the environment, building on its past focus on water to also include climate crisis, given the profound and broad impacts that global heating has had and will have on everyone who calls Wisconsin home. As such, Brico Fund is seeking concept papers describing existing work for funding in 2020 related to one of the following topics:

  • Water and climate crisis
  • Biodiversity preservation and climate crisis
  • Agriculture and land preservation and climate crisis
  • Equity related to climate crisis, with a particular interest in under-represented communities, including Native communities
  • Public health as a vehicle for attention to climate crisis